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Are you prepared for the winter season? Let’s not forget about our health and focus on what we eat.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not difficult if you want to have a healthy lifestyle you can have it as where there is will there is a way. So what are you waiting for folks? Dry fruits are the best addition to your diet for your health. In this article, we are going to know why and how walnuts are useful and necessary to consume in winter.

Walnuts are unquestionably one of the healthiest nuts. It originated in Central Asia and the Mediterranean region. They are one of the oldest trees known to humans dating back to 7000 BC. It is a nutritious snack food that is sold as whole nuts for cracking or as kernels. Walnuts can be the best alternative snacks to oily and unhealthy snacks or junk food to fulfill your cravings on cold winter nights. They provide nutrients, vitamins, and warmth in the chilly winter season.

Walnuts carry Omega-3 fatty acid which is good for your hair especially in winter when the climate is dry. Walnuts also promote lowering cholesterol levels, and if you are troubled with Isonomia then you must add walnuts to your diet because they promote sleep. Walnuts are also known as “brain food” because it is good for boosting brain health plus their surface structure is also similar to that of a brain. Because of its nutritious value, it is the best dry fruit to consume in winter.

Best way to consume walnuts:

Walnuts can be eaten by sprinkling them on your favorite meals by adding them to your sweets or as it is just by removing shells.

The best way to consume them is by soaking 3 to 4 pieces overnight in a cup of water and then eating them in the morning. You can add them to your protein shake and smoothies also.

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